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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Reposting for "T & T : Chettinad Cuisine"

I am reposting my old posts here for the event "Tried and Tasted : Chettinad Cuisine".  I have given a long explanation about Chettinad Foods, here.

T&T event is all about giving credits to the person, from whom we learnt the dish.  This time its "Chettinad Cuisine", a cuisine from I belong to.  So the credit for this goes to first to my mother obviously.  The chettinad dishes which I cook at home everyday is mostly from my mother.  I have seen cooking her cooking these dishes so many many years.  I mostly learnt from her and many others from my relatives also.

Though I cook Chettinad Food everyday, I don't get the time to photograph them.  So here are some of the dishes I was able to photograph.

I am still under the process of learning Food Photography.  So please bear with me for the photos of the posts in my intial years of blogging.

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